Official Rules

The following outlines the office Rules for the 2016 Premier Tennis Pro League. Please note that Premier Tennis reserves the right to change or modify these rules at any time.

  1. CAPTAINS: Each team will have on Captain and a Co-Captain.
  2. ROSTERS: 10 players per roster. Teams formed by Captains’ draft. Captain will get to pick his team members in the following order:
    1. 1st Position Men’s Singles
    2. 2nd Position Men’s Singles
    3. 1st Team Men’s Doubles
    4. 2 Men’s Alternates
    5. 1st Position Woman’s Singles
    6. 1 Women’s Team Alternate.

Prior to Draft Players must complete a Draft Entry Form and commit to the number of matches they can play in advance.

  1. MATCH TIMES: Match times for the Pro League will begin at 7:00 pm sharp.
  2. FORMAT:  Each team will field players for 5 matches: there will be two (2) Men’s Singles, one (1) Women’s Singles, one (1) Men’s Doubles and 1 Mixed Doubles with Club Pro / Am.
  3. SCORING: Singles Matches will be first to 10 Games and at 9 all players will play a 10 point tiebreaker to determine the winner. Doubles Matches will be first to 8 Games and at 7 all players will play a 10 point tiebreaker to determine the winner.
  4. POINTS:  For each Team match played, the winning Team will receive 1000 Team Points, and the Runner Up Team will receive 750 Team Points. The top two teams at the end of the Regular Season will will compete in the Finals on July 31st. If there is a tie at the end of the regular season between two Teams, the head-to-head record will prevail. If there is a three way tie between teams, head to head records will prevail first then, match results. 
  5. NECKER CUP POINTS: Captains will pick their players in order during the Draft. You earn 100 Necker Cup Points for winning at the 1 position and 75 points for runner up. You earn 75 Necker Cup Points for winning at the 2 position and 50 points for runner up. At the end of the regular season, the top two men and top two women players with the most Necker Cup Points will compete for a Pro Spot in the 2016 Necker Cup.  This match will be played on Saturday, August 6th, on the Grandstand Court at the BB&T Atlanta Open. The Women’s match will start at 2 PM and the Men’s Final will follow. Necker Cup Points will also be earned during the Premier League Finals on July 31st. This year’s Necker Cup is scheduled for November 14-19, 2016 on Necker Island.
  6. CHALLENGE SYSTEM: The number two picked player for both the Men and Women can request a challenge match after the Player has lost at the one spot during the regular season. That challenge match has to be scheduled during the week of the challenge, no later than Tuesday 8:00 PM, prior to the next match. If there is rain, players will be given an extension to finish the match no later than Wed of the week. If the number 2 player beats the one player, he/she may moves up in position to the 1 spot for the next match. The now number 2 player may re challenge the new 1 player if he/she loses any of their forthcoming matches, under similar conditions.  The format of the challenge match is the same as a regular season dual match, playing a 10 game pro-set and a 10 point super breaker if the score reaches 9 all.
  7. PRIZE MONEY: The Pro League has $10,000 in Prize Money. $6,000 in cash is awarded to the team with the best overall record, and $4,000 in cash is awarded to the team with the second best record. In order to be eligible to receive money, you must have played at least one match for your team during the Season. Club Pro and Am are not eligible to receive money, but their Team Points will contribute the Team standings.
  8. ALTERNATES: A captain may use players from the alternate list when his team does not have enough players available.  The proper procedure to follow in order to find an alternate is as follows:
    1. Call or e-mail all players on the First Alternate list of players Captain drafted to his/her Team during the draft. 
    2. Call or e-mail all players on the Second Alternate list (players who registered for the League but were not selected during the Draft. 
    3. E-mail the entire all Other Alternates.  Captains reserve the right to recruit any other player if they are unable to field a First or Second Alternate, including themselves.
  9. VENUES: Matches must be played at regularly scheduled time and place.
  10. DEFAULT TIME: A cell phone will be used for the strict 20 minute default time, The Premier Tennis staff on site and the committee has the right to enforce this.  Please do not ask the other team or their captain to override the strict enforcement of the rule if someone is late.  It is not fair to put them in that position.  It is also not fair to all teams and players to enforce this policy inconsistently.
  11. LINEUPS: Captains must submit weekly lineups to Premier office by e-mail each Thursday at 5:00 pm.
  12. RAINOUTS: In the event of rain, matches will be moved to the Atlanta Athletic Club Indoor Courts.

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